The most important science in the XXI century will take care of the study of complex systems, auto-catalytic, auto-organized, non-linear and adaptive, often referred as “chaos theory” or “complexity”. Those systems, even life itself, come from and grow at the border of chaos, keeping the order enough time to dispose of a system but not too much to delay its adaptation and learning.

Evolution commonly creates organized models much more complex– forests, underwater ecosystems, the body, the brain, the immune system – with such a grace.


The word caord has taken form after the first syllable of two words: ca- from chaos, ord-from order.


1: Any organism, organization or auto-catalytic, auto-regulated, adaptive, non-linear and complex, either physical, biological or social, whom behavior exhibits gracefully characteristics of both order and chaos.

2: Entity whom behavior shows models and probabilities neither regulated not explained by the behavior of its parts.

3: Nature´s and evolution´s core organizing principle.


1: Anything that is both organized and chaotic.

2: Modeled in a way that is not dominated neither by order nor chaos.

3: Existing in the phase between order and chaos.


We will identify a Chaordic System because they follow these characteristics:

    • They are based on clarity of principles and shared objectives.
    • They auto-organize and auto rule in part and as a whole.
    • Exist primarily to capacitate its constituent parts.
    • They are impulsed from periphery, united from the core.
    • They are lasting in object and principle, malleable in form and function.
    • They distribute power, rights, responsibility and rewards equitably.
    • Combine harmoniously cooperation and competition.
    • They learn, adapt and innovate in always expanding cycles.
    • They are compatible with human spirit and biosphere.
    • They free and spread inventiveness, initiative and criterion.
    • Are both compatible and promote diversity, complexity and change.
    • Are used in a constructive way and harmonize conflict and paradox.
    • They Limit and ingrain of order and control methods in an appropiate way.