Metanoia guides us to invert the usual process of asking which would be our organization conduct; in order to ask about principles and goals – its genetic institutional code – that would allow the arise of a new kind of company and in fact, that would grow and develop by itself.

AXIORA focuses on answering a fundamental question arisen from Metanoia itself:

“If anything imaginable would be possible, if there weren’t any limits or boundaries, which would be the nature of an ideal organization based on organized biological principles to create the first system in the world that offers the Global solution to any kind of organization?”

The answer lays in the following fundamental principles:

    • Power and function must be distributed to the max. No function must be realized by a part of the whole if reasonably could be made by a more peripheral one and there will be no power granted to a part that reasonably could be used by a smaller one.
    • It must be auto-organized. Each and every member must have the right to organize itself at any moment, for any motivation, at any scale, with irrevocable rights to participate in the government to any other bigger scale.
    • The government must be distributed. No individual, institution or combination of any of them or both, particularly the management, must be allowed to dominate deliberations or control decisions at any scale.
    • Must combine in a perfect manner cooperation and competition. All parts must be free to compete in unique and independent ways, and nevertheless keep links so they are aware of the demands of the other parts, look for personal interest and cooperate when needed for the common wealth.
    • Must be infinitely malleable, although extremely resilient. Must be prepared to constant modification, auto-generated, either form or function, without sacrificing its core objective, nature or principle, making free in that way talent and spirit.
    • Must be of cooperative and equitable property. All affected parts must be allowed to participate in functions, government and property.